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Psychological Testing and Therapy  for Kids & Young Adults

Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessment provides a comprehensive evaluation of cognitive, social, and emotional functioning. This helps parents, educators, and other treatment providers better understand the reasons behind school struggles, emotional difficulties, and social vulnerabilities in the context of various concerns including learning problems, attention problems, social problems, and/or other neurologic disorders.

Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic Evaluations

Neurodevelopmental diagnostic evaluations are targeted evaluations that provide diagnostic clarity. These evaluations examine developmental milestones such as language, cognitive functioning, and social behavior. These are designed to provide quick access to treatment interventions.


A comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation includes tailored recommendations based on your child’s particular strengths and weaknesses. Guidance is provided in the areas of treatment, academic functioning, parent support, and educational resources. Recommendations are discussed during a follow-up meeting(s) between the treating neuropsychologist and parents/caregivers.


Giftedness evaluations assess an individual’s aptitude in the domains of intellectual and academic functioning. These evaluations are often needed for acceptance into gifted programming and are not covered by one’s medical insurance.

Independent Educational Evaluation

These are comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations conducted at the request of a child’s school district. We are approved independent education evaluators for several school districts in the area. These evaluations are paid for and coordinated with the school district, but still involve all of the components of a standard clinical evaluation.

Parent Coaching

We offer coaching focused on empowering parents with skills that create a safe, connected, problem-solving environment in order to manage behavior and build a strong, nurturing parent-child relationship. Through this approach, parents will learn how to respond intentionally to their child's behavior to turn everyday discipline issues into teachable moments. This supports the development of social-emotional and communication skills within the child to foster success at home, at school, and in the community. Our work with families is individualized depending on the specific challenges presented as well as the age and developmental level of the child.

Intellectual Disability
Learning Disabilities
Developmental Delay
Language Disorder
Medical and Genetic Conditions
Academic Achievement
Autism Spectrum
Executive Functioning
Fine Motor
Learning and Memory
Social Cognition
Emotional functioning
Adaptive Functioning
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